It is an hour before the Dover kickoff, tonight is “The Game In Hand”.

Tonight is my first new-Trust-website-blog.  So bear with me if you revisit or refresh this, and it has changed; I am playing with drafting, formatting, styles etc.  Anyway, a few things to mention.


No real team news except almost everyone is fit. Jack Mackreth is doubtful but when he dropped out the squad, The Shop returned.    I’ve already lost track of which loanees are due back when but…… Ellis went out first, and I think Caine and Hamish went out next in very late Feb, and I think Paddy and PaulW went out more recently. It doesn’t particularly matter currently as the first 16, or maybe 17, is quite settled, no need for changes until injuries/suspensions kick in.

All I’ve done to the Depth Chart (below) is take Paddy out, but its only really more fun when there are player movements, and we have a settled side currently.  Which is a good thing.

Perhaps instead of a depth chart, our current position is best described as a first 16, and then the rest; with currently Mackreth missing, so Paul Bignot has stepped up to the bench.  When everyone is fit, the boss has selection dilemmas in the first XI and on the bench.


The Mariners Trust proudly sponsor the Grimsby and District Intermediate League, and this blogger was present at one of Sunday’s finals at the Bradley Stadium; as Discoveries Colts were beaten on penalties after extra time by Grimsby Borough Colts. It was 1-1 after normal time and extra time, and it was a closely matched game, played in the right spirit. None of this modern Premiership diving nonsense…. Always good to support local youth football 😉


If any of you have any particular desire to re-read our old blogs, the old website blog still exists at and includes all sorts of reviews, pics, blogs, useful links, thoughts etc…

Anyway, enjoy the game! I will be following on Radio Humberside, twitter and The Fishy; see some of you there!





(as at 24th March 2015)
[Assumes 4-4-2 formation. CAPITALS denotes starter, lower case denotes reserves, in order of likely preference.]


Defenders (RB – RCB – LCB – LB)
Parslow           Parslow       Parslow        Magnay
Robertson       Magnay       Magnay       Bignot
Walker             Doig             Doig             McLaughlin
Bignot             Bignot         Bignot
Walker        Humble

Midfielders (RM – CM – CM – LM)
MACKRETH    DISLEY            CLAY        ARNOLD
Jolley               Brown            Brown          Jolley
Arnold             Parslow         Parslow       Robertson
Clay                 Robertson     Robertson

Strikers (CF – CF)
Pittman            Pittman
Jolley                 Jolley
Hannah            Hannah
Arnold              Arnold