There’s almost TOO MUCH to write about this morning, so excuse a quick blog to possibly be expanded on over the weekend.

FUTURE EVENTS! We have a healthy stream of Mariners Trust related events in the near future, ranging from AGM to FIFA night, and not forgetting Race Night, Spend and Raise, and also the fact that if you ask me, each and every Town fan that travelled to Scunthorpe really should become an active Trust member so we can put on more such events……. Please scroll down and re-read about the events, and please support the Trust by buying tickets, by attending events and dragging along fellow Mariners!

FIXTURES! There’s a home game against Barnet tomorrow. (Remember the Danny North hat-trick?   Given current form, the same XI looks likely for us. A nice stable reliable side for Town, perhaps, though that’s likely to ensure changes….. 😉

FOOTBALL! Tuesday’s night fantastic victory; what else can we say?!
It led to Wednesday morning’s P45 for Brian Laws, which divides opinion. Fantastically for the headline writers, Scunthorpe is now without Laws!  Lawless, law-free etc…It is never good to see a manager sacked as a knee-jerk reaction, and over the two games, they seemed to have some half-decent players. But there was no Hooper, Sharp or Keogh. They looked like a mid-table League Two team, which seems to be a similar level to a high flying Conference team.  Next up in the Cup; Northampton have just beaten Nathan Pond’s Fleetwood and could get off the bottom of the Football League if they win at Hartlepool on Saturday. Ticket news due anytime soon.

One demonstrates that the gulf between League and Conference CAN be quite large as Plymouth did what Scunthorpe hoped to do in their replay;
The second shows that match postponement can be a difficult habit to shake, which is a pity for any TV broadcasters that didn’t do their homework, but probably most frustrating for travelling fans from Oxford.