Leading up to our all important match at Wembley on Sunday we have caught up with a neutral who is attending the match as part of the “Big Day Out” voucher scheme.
Can you introduce yourself and where you’re from?

I’m David Pountney and I sit on the board of the Kidderminster Harriers Independent Supporters Trust (KHIST) and I have supported Harriers for over 20 years.  I am also involved with the Trust fans football team.

In a nutshell how has your season been?

It’s been a difficult and long season.  We started well and found ourselves hovering around the play offs till January.  However, the extent of our finiancial problems meant that we had to offload a number of our key players to balance the books.  We gradually slid down the table and the end of the season couldn’t come soon enough!

How is your Trust improving Club?

In January we appointed our second trust member on the board of KHFC. This gives us a greater influence at the club.  We have a monthly lottery that has now raised over £100,000 and has enabled us to give the football club over £40,000 in the last 12 months alone.

We have held numerous events including fans forums, food bank collections and even organised non league day for the club. Yesterday we also held our annual fans day at Aggborough allowed fans the chance to play on the pitch with former players which generated over £6500.

We note you’re taking a coach or two down to Wembley on Sunday – are you able to explain why as a few Grimsby fans are little confused by any neutral attending rather than watching in the pub?

When the tickets went on sale back in February through each club we took 50 from KHFC as all the money from these ticket sales went to our football club.  I got a good deal on a coach so that we could offer fans a match ticket AND coach travel from just £20.  Harriers still had an outside chance at the time of making the playoffs but we knew interest would be high as it was such a good deal.  We last went to Wembley in 2007 for the FA Trophy Final and i’m looking forward to taking my daughter for the first time.

Given you have a ex-players in either team – who will you be cheering on come Sunday?

We sold Nathan Blissett to Bristol Rovers back in January and of course Josh Gowling joined yourselves due to our well publicised problems recently so it’ll be interesting to see who comes out on top.  It’s strange attending a game that you don’t support one side but i just hope its a good game and atmosphere.  We always enjoy playing the Internet Mariners in fans games so would miss that if you went up.  But Bristol Rovers is not far and they will bring a couple of thousand which is good for the coffers so i’ll stay on the fence!

Ambitions for next season?

Hopefully we can put our financial problems behind us and our manager can put together a competitive side on a reduced budget. We’ve had a succesful few seasons and hopefully some of the positivity will return to the club after a difficult 18 months.