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Common Ground Project

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The club are about to kick start a new Common Ground project aimed at ensuring that Blundell Park is welcoming and inclusive for all. We are very pleased to be working on this alongside The Club, GTFC SET and The Equality Practice.
Could you please take a few minutes (less than 5 mins) to complete the survey below. It will help us understand the profile of those currently attending and some ideas about how the club could improve in this area. Thank you.

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Real Ale and Cider Festival – June 1st 2019

Date for your diary, first ever and hopefully annual Real Ale and Cider festival at Blundell Park. Mariners Trust in association with the brilliant Message in a Bottle have organised a great day of beer, food and entertainment for everyone to enjoy.
Entry is FREE and we have beers from these great breweries.
Bricknell Brewery
Tiny Rebel
and also a great selection of bottled and canned beers from Message in a Bottle and Docks Beers. CAMRA members very welcome (5,% discount).

In addition we have Indian Food from the amazing Masala Masters (, afternoon music with Natasha Broadhurst and GTFC footage on the screens. Inside and outside seating available as well as standard bar, soft drinks, teas, coffees and hot dogs.
Easily accessed by public transport and Car Park available (Imperial Corner).

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Crowdfunder for disabled facility improvements

  We are excited that at long last we may well have a new community stadium project that might actually come to fruition, but the reality is that it is still in the very early stages and we are going to be at Blundell Park for another 5 years at least.

  Whilst the various relocation options have been pursued much needed maintenance and improvements at Blundell Park have been deferred but it has now got the point where, to conform with regulations and to have acceptable levels of customer facilities, these works now need to be undertaken as soon as possible. There is also a situation where the work undertaken by the club to attract more disabled people to games has been so successful that the disabled facilities in particular are wholly inadequate for the numbers now attending. We and the club have worked closely on this project with Level Playing Field –

  Key work still to be undertaken to improve disabled facilities are:

  • Additional disabled toilets in Main Stand and Pontoon- Spin off from this will also be additional and improved Ladies and Gents toilets which will also include baby changing facility.
  • Industrial stair lift and disabled toilet in McMenemy’s. (note the stair lift will be suitable for all chairs apart from the very large electric chairs)
  • Disabled toilet in Young’s Lower bar.

 For much of the work there is the potential for grant funding for both the Club and the Trust on a matching basis and applications for these have been submitted. Despite this there is a significant cost to the football club and although the board are fully committed to supporting as many of these as possible there is always the continual counter pressure of maximising the playing budget. The try and help with the cost the Mariners Trust are launching a Crowdfunder campaign to help ensure the improvement to disabled facilities are undertaken as soon as possible.

  As well as this Crowdfunder, donations can also be given in person at the football club and there will also be some special events and sale items between now and the end of May which will also contribute to this cause. Please support if you can, it will make such a difference to a very special group of supporters.

As an added incentive every £10 donated will qualify for one entry into a free prize draw which will have a variety of club prizes with the main prize being a 2019/20 season ticket.

The link to the Crowdfunder donation page is here :

You can also donate via the Trust website here: :

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We are holding another of our popular Football Quiz Nights on Friday 5th April 2019 starting at 7.30pm in the Trust Bar. As usual the quiz will cover a wide range of football topics but with a GTFC bias. We will also have have another of “Pete’s cryptic stories” to test your creative thinking. Entry is just £5 per team (max 4 people) and the format will once again be “Bingo” style which gives more people a chance to win. There will be prizes for the winners and spot prizes throughout the evening.

You can buy a ticket here :

Alternatively you can just message us at to let us know you are coming and we will make arrangements.

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Newsletter 23rd January 2019

Welcome to our first newsletter of 2019. It has certainly been a hectic start to the new year both on and off the field with several events being planned for the first part of the year. The first of these is next week on Thursday (31st January) when we have a Q & A evening with the manager and Anthony Limbrick plus hopefully one of the senior players. With the transfer window coming to a close this is a great opportunity to ask about plans for the rest of this season and next. Entry is just £5 which includes your first drink and tickets can be purchased online or from the ticket office and bars. More details here :

Next up we have a Trust open evening for which will we have a provisional date of February 19th and it will be in the Trust bar starting at 7.30pm. John Fenty has accepted our invitation to attend and so this is a great chance to not only ask questions but also put forward initiatives and suggestions for improvements. Entry is free and is open to all fans.

On the 21st of February we have arranged a Games Night which will give fans the chance to take on some of players at games such as Pool, Table Tennis, FIFA and Table Football. It’s just for fun and costs just £3 to take part. A great chance to get to know some of the players better and there will be ample opportunity for photos and autographs. Details of tickets here :

A date for your diary is Friday 22 March 2019 when we will be holding our annual Quiz Night. Tickets and details will be available in a couple of weeks, this is always a very enjoyable night and well worth saving the date for.

Not forgetting our Junior members we have been working with the club regarding a new monthly feature which will be announced shortly. They want as many juniors to be involved in this as possible and without giving too much away it will involve lots of interaction with the players and management. It will be exclusive to Mariners Trust junior members and free to take part and so if you are interested just contact us either on Facebook and Twitter or by e-mail at

Anyone wanting to join or re join can do so here: . Also as ever we are keen to hear from anyone who has some spare time and would like to help out.

Please support these events if you can.

Up the Mariners

Mariners Trust Board

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Community Stadium Complex

It was great news recently that the consultants engaged by NELC concluded their studies as to the benefits of building a new Community Stadium Complex in the Town and also deciding on a recommended location. It was also very encouraging that a lead developer has come forward with proposals for additional leisure facilities such as an ice rink as well as much needed affordable housing. Our position on this all along has been that whatever the recommendation we need to get behind the project and make it happen whilst at the same time having sympathy for any genuine concerns and striving for the best possible solutions. Other towns and cities have embraced such schemes and left us way behind. These clubs would include the likes Swansea City, Hull City, Chesterfield, Rotherham  and Doncaster Rovers, all of which have suffered financial difficulty and have then gone onto become self-sustained and have also gone onto achieve greater success.

Although recent developments are encouraging it is vital that local councillors understand how important this scheme is, not just for the football club but for the local economy overall. Not surprisingly the people with concerns are making their views very clear to local councillors and it is really important that councillors also get views from those in favour. To this end, we have set out below what we see as the major benefits of the project and we would encourage as many people as possible to write to councillors in support. By   Clicking here    all local councillor e-mail addresses have been programmed into an e-mail for your convenience. This group also contains contacts at the Grimsby Telegraph, Cleethorpes Chronical and Radio Humberside, as those with concerns are very active in these publications.

Community Stadium Complex benefits:

* Circa 350 much needed permanent jobs

* Approximately 500 jobs created during construction

* Total inward investment of circa £ 80m+

*  Fantastic new community leisure and educational facilities

* New stadium with vastly improved facilities compared to Blundell Park

* Much needed new income streams for NELC and GTFC

* Football Club becomes self sustainable and more competitive

* Expansion of sports and education trust which has proven health and social benefits

* Car parking and improved access

* Provision of new cycle and pedestrian walkways

* Provision of much needed affordable housing

The most common concern seems to be around traffic and access. There is no doubt that in general terms, NELC will need to have improved infrastructure around the Town as part of the long term vision and ultimately, the project will not pass the planning stage if the road solution is not suitable. Provision of park and ride and cycle/pedestrian access will both be a big help in reducing congestion and of course, matches take place at off peak times.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a major flagship development for the Town with huge social and economic benefits, whilst also securing the long term viability of GTFC. We need to make it happen.

Thanks for your support

Mariners Trust Board

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Old Order Notification

Hi Guys – Just to let you know we are undertaking a tidy up on our website shop tonight so that we can use the dispatch function in the future. This will be mean that some people will receive e-mails about confirmation of old orders. If you receive one of these please ignore/delete. Apologies for any inconvenience.

Mariners Trust Board

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Latest GTFC Accounts

The latest accounts for Grimsby Town have been released this week and in our view make interesting reading.

On the face of it, a small profit of £59k is good news and is certainly in line with our objective of being self sustainable but bearing in mind this was our most successful season on and off the field for many seasons you can see the difficulty in being competitive on a sustainable basis. Even with extra revenue from TV and supporters (via Operation Promotion), we still spent less money than others, including the team we beat in the final, and credit must go to the management team and players for achieving the long awaited promotion. Now that we are back in league we do get additional revenue via the league but equally staff costs go up considerably and again to be competitive on a sustainable basis is very difficult. Thankfully our amazing support is holding very well and it looks like this season could be ok financially as well,  but we also know how quickly things can change.  

History shows that in a poor season a financial loss of £200-£300k or more  can easily incurred at which point we are relying on directors to plug the funding gap or making dramatic cuts to budgets neither of which are desirable solutions. We are in no doubt that the only way to competitive sustainability is a new stadium so that we can unlock new income streams both on match days and on a day to day basis. Stephen Marley made the same point when he commented on the accounts and our new manager Marcus Bignott clearly refers to this when he talks about coming here for a “project”. The attraction of new and better facilities will certainly be a big factor in attracting players to the club.  We need to really get behind the stadium project and we will shortly be appealing to everyone to contact councillors and local media to show  support.                  

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Latest News

News Update 7th November 2016


In case you missed it a reminder that the AGM is now taking place on Wednesday 16th November in the Trust Bar Blundell Park commencing 7pm. We have had to put it back a week due to the rescheduling of the EFL Trophy game against Sheffield Utd which means the room is unavailable. Here is the agenda :

1) Chairman’s Report

2) Treasurer’s Report

3) Appointment of Independent examiner

5) Special resolution to increase size of board

4) Election of board members

End of formal meeting

5) Open meeting

We will post documents on our website ahead of the meeting.

We anticipate the formal meeting to be no more than around 15mins and then we will have an open meeting and answer any questions from those attending or received in advance. Only paid up members can participate at the AGM.

It is not vital but would be helpful if you are attending that you drop us an e-mail at to let us know so that we can get an idea of numbers attending.

New Manager

We are sure that you join us in welcoming Marcus Bignott and Micky Moore to the club. Jon Wood, our representative on the GTFC board, has been fully involved in the interview and selection process. His feedback has been that although all the candidates were good Marcus stood out above them all and the board all agreed he was the best candidate. He is particularly keen to be involved with the community and we look forward to working closely with him going forward.

Fishy Pontoon Buster

Les Brechin is once again running the Fishy Pontoon Buster which starts on November 19th. Cost per team is £10 and the game normally lasts around 6 weeks . Further details can be found here :

“Can you hear Grimsby Sing”

An evening of words and music celebrating our football club, culture and community

Have you ever heard a song about Phil Jevons signing for Yeovil? A poem about the 2006 play-off final against Cheltenham Town?

Join us for what promises to be a very special gig as Can You Hear The Grimsby Sing? brings together some of the brilliant writers and musicians among the Mariners’ fan community to perform work that reflects on Grimsby Town and the town of Grimsby.

The Mariners Trust has joined forces again with the team behind last year’s We Are Town book to stage this unique event celebrating values and experiences that will strike a chord with all Town supporters. Proper football. Working-class culture. And all that makes up our distinct identity as Grimsby supporters, whether it’s Clive Mendonca’s hat-trick against Ipswich in 1996 or the remembered sound of your dad’s moped engine as he set off at 4am for his shift on the fish docks.

  • Artists include: Roger Beard, Tracy Booth, Andy Freeman, Pete Green, Alastair Wilkinson, Gordon Wilson
  • 7pm Friday 9 December, Trust bar, Blundell Park
  • Tickets £5, proceeds to support the GTFC youth academy

Tickets available online here:

Tickets also available from any of the Trust bars from Saturday onwards

FA Cup Draw tickets

Reminder that these are available in all the bars and online here . If anyone thinks they can sell a few tickets on our behalf please get in touch, it would be really appreciated.

Dates for your diary.

Our annual play on the pitch day will be held on Sunday 21st May 2017 and we will be issuing more details nearer the time. This will also be the day of the long awaited celebrity match for those who bought as part of Operation Promotion

Also we have booked Saturday 4th March v Wycombe as our play on the pitch at half time for Junior members. We will be announcing details of the draw for this early in the new year.


Reminders have now been sent out to all those who have memberships due for renewal. It goes without saying that we would really welcome your continued support, as we have often said as individuals we can make little difference but collectively we can make a huge difference. (as you have already shown)

It has taken a while but we will shortly be starting the distribution of new membership cards for adults starting with life membership and then to everyone with more than 6 months left before renewal. For all those with less than 6 months we will be issuing cards on renewal. The next stage is that we are working with a number of corporate partners to offer some special benefits for Mariners Trust members. More details will be announced in the new year.


Our latest newsletter is currently being put together and will be ready early in December. We think this a great way of keeping fans informed but we would very much welcome your feedback to let us know if you agree or how we could improve.

100 Club

The latest 100 club winners are:


1) Steve Traves £200

2) Andy Carr £40

3) Barry Goodman £20


1) Michael Hill £200

2) Tim Hubbard £40

3) Ian Townsend £20

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all taking part. If you would like to take part here is the form

As ever thanks for your support.

Mariners Trust Board


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AGM – New Date

As a consequence of the rescheduling of the Grimsby Town v Sheffield United EFL Trophy game the venue for the AGM is no longer available and we have therefore put the meeting back one week to Wednesday 16th November starting at 7pm. Here is the finalised agenda.


1) Chairman’s Report

2) Treasurer’s Report

3) Appointment of Independent examiner

5) Special resolution to increase size of board

4) Election of board members

End of formal meeting

5) Open meeting

We will post documents on our website ahead of the meeting.

We anticipate the formal meeting to be no more than around 15mins and then we will have an open meeting and answer any questions from those attending or received in advance. Only paid up members can participate at the AGM.

It is not vital but would be helpful if you are attending that you drop us an e-mail at to let us know so that we can get an idea of numbers attending.