Stuart Raithby

Stuart has been supporting Town for over 30 years and his favourite all time player is John McDermott. He works in after sales in the motor trade, and is fondly known as ‘Peg-Leg Mariner’ due to having an artificial leg.

Question & Answer

Years Watching GTFC:
About 25
Blundell Park Seat:
Main Stand (Pontoon end)
Supported Town on and off for many years, sitting in pontoon, Lower Youngs and more recently due to the leg falling off, the Main Stand. Have been working in the motor trade most of my adult life, but would much rather be at Blundell Park
Favourite Current GTFC Player (2016/17):
Craig Disley
Favourite Ever GTFC Player:
John McDermott
Favourite GTFC Kit:
Wembley 1998 Avec kit
Contact Me:
Twitter – @PegLegMariner

Email –