You may have heard of the Internet Mariners, but for those of you who haven’t we are a team representing the club, but more importantly the fans, playing in the IFA league against other supporters teams from up and down the country.
During 2016/17 the team won the Supporters Trust tournament which took place in Hartlepool and we were voted as team of the year by the IFA. We’ve played against teams from across the country, indeed against teams from across Europe and on every occasion we have represented our fans and the Trust in a brilliant light.
Win, lose or draw we have enjoyed the game against opposition fans extolling Corinthian virtues, all in the name of getting a game of football.
More recently we have also began turning our hand to raising money for charity and over the past 2 seasons we have raised over £5000 for local charities including through our B Team Boycott game that received national coverage.
But more recently we’ve fallen on tougher times, for some of us it’s age, for some it’s work, for others it’s moving away – but the result is that same. We need more players!
You don’t have to be fit, you don’t have to be good – you just need to have 2 things:
A passion for the club and the will to play the game the right way! Even if you can’t make every game you are more than welcome to join in playing us when you can.
If you are interested in playing, or simply want to know more, then please get in touch using:
Twitter: @internetmariner
Facebook: @internetmariners
Or even email: