Reminder that Les Brechin is once again running a Fishy Buster for the new season. Each entry cost £10 for which you will be allocated a team and then the first team(s) to get to exactly 21goals wins. (usual pay out £200+). There are also prizes for finishing last and three consecutive nil scores. Further details here

Normally Les would make a donation to the Trust from the pot but we have agreed together that on this occasion it will go to an avid GTFC fan, Phil Lambert, who is going through a tough time with testicular cancer. He has consequently lost his income and has a young family to support. If you would like to enter you can pay by PayPal to  or just e-mail him at that address if you want like to pay by a different method. The more entries we can get the bigger the prize fund and the more we can help Phil and his family.

If you would like to support Phil directly a donation page has been set up . Here is the link .

Thank you in anticipation

Up The Mariners

Mariners Trust Board