Trust member Les Brechin is once again running the “Fishy Buster” and passing on some of the proceeds to the Trust. Les started this part way through last season and together with competitions he has run during the summer he has raised over £1100 so far. Here is the message Les posted on the fishy.

I am planning to run a regular Pontoon Buster competition again this season and for the 1st game this season will donate 33% of all takings to the operation promotion fund. I will therefore need to get all entries in by the closing date of the 26th of July so that I can donate the money in time before the appeal closes.

Rules will be exactly the same as last season. Each team will cost you £10 and you can have as many entries as you like. I have randomised a list of all 116 league and national premier teams. When you send your money include 3 numbers which will be your 1st, 2nd and 3rd choice of teams. There will be 3 prize pots in each game. The winner(s) will be the first team(s) to score EXACTLY 21 goals. Only games played over the weekend period (Friday-Monday) will count. If your team plays twice in this period then only the first game counts. In the event that your team does not play during that period then you score a default 2 goals. If you go over 21 goals then you are bust and out of that particular game.

There will also be a prize(s) for the team(s) who are the lowest scorers when the pot is won and also a prize for the first team(s) to score nil on 3 successive weekends. The first weekend of games will be from Friday 7th August.

Entries for the first game of the season will be accepted up to 9pm on Saturday 25th July when I will be able to announce the total amount taken along with the donation to the operation promotion fund and also the value of the 3 prizes on offer.

Entry money can be sent via Paypal to or by direct bank transfer. (PM me if you do not have the details)

I will list the entries on here as they come in.

Can I please just reiterate that when sending money by Paypal please choose the option of “Send Money To Friends Or Family” as this incurs no charges. If you choose “Pay For Goods or Services” then it incurs a charge of 54p which comes off the money sent to me.

Please support this if you can. it is a chance to win a nice sum of money whilst having a bit of fun and raising money for the Trust.

Thanks Les

Up The Mariners