The response to the various fundraising activities from fans has been absolutely superb with the combined total of over £40K already in just over 2 weeks. You will have seen last week that the players have agreed to a pay cut of 25% whilst there are no games in front of crowds. This is a fantastic gesture and shows a great understanding and attitude towards the unprecedented problem the club faces and the vital role they can play in helping the club get through this difficult period. Having secured the help of the players one or two supporters have asked if the fundraising is still needed given this means the club can get through to next May without playing. The simple is answer is yes, it is very much still needed.

There is still a huge level of uncertainty with things like the solidarity payments already rumoured to be under review with the real possibility of a significant reduction.

Also the budget allows for a very basic level of maintenance at Blundell Park with no allowance for any unforeseen expenditure.

If next season does eventually start again it may well be initially behind closed doors or may be even with a reduced capacity, both of which are a financial hit.

When play does resume again the playing budget Ollie will now have will be much lower than the one he was working to prior to the virus outbreak. This will be true for the vast majority of the clubs in League 2 but the fundraising gives us the chance to improve the budget and get behind Ollie to enable him to build a squad that will give us a real chance of having a good season.

The financial impact of the virus will be with us for a long time to come and it should be remembered that the EFL loan and the deferment of PAYE payments, which have help clubs get through the coming months, will need to be repaid next year.

Hope this helps, if you have any questions please e-mail us at

We firmly believe that with the players, staff and supporters all pulling together we will come through the other side of this in better shape than most others and give ourselves a real chance of doing well when we start up again, whenever that may be.

Here is a reminder of the fundraising options currently underway and we have more initiatives in the pipeline.

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With the season now officially over there will be a portal going live on the club website shortly giving supporters the choice of taking a refund on their season tickets if they wish. Indications are that many will want to take the option of not taking the refund and donating the refund back to the club but we fully appreciate and respect that some people have been badly affected by the current situation and will need the refund.

Many thanks for your continued support.

Mariners Trust Board