Operation Promoted

Operation Promotion

When we launched ‘Operation Promotion’ little did we know the impact it would have with our target of  £20k being achieved on the very FIRST day. In a way we shouldn’t have been so surprised because we already knew just how fantastic our fans are but even so the eventual achievement of £110k was way beyond any expectations and quite rightly gained the Trust and the Club lots of national media coverage. The total was of course boosted by the very generous matching by Lee and Sue Mullens of the first £20k raised.

The fund has already been put to good use by Paul Hurst and has helped with following: –

  •    Paying a fee for Omar Bogle and securing him on a 3 year deal
  •    Retaining 9 of the 2014/5 squad
  •    Employing a full time goalkeeping coach
  •    Improved squad of senior players
  •    Key loan signings

In addition there have been improvements to the training facilities at Cheapside and to the coach for travel to away games. Hopefully these will help the existing players and with Paul still looking to add to the squad then everything possible is being done to secure that elusive promotion slot.

There is no doubt that, as well as the financial impact, operation promotion has galvanised support for the club and brought club and community closer together.