In relation to the statement by Grimsby Town regarding the potential new ownership of the club we would like to add the following.

 We can now confirm that the Trust board director Jon Wood, the chairman of Mariners Trust Alan Rutter, and the vice chair Dave Roberts, have been aware of the negotiations for several months and have been kept informed of progress throughout. As we are sure fans will understand, this has had to be kept entirely confidential in line with our memorandum of understanding with the club and the non-disclosure agreement within the legal process. We would like to thank the club board for giving us the opportunity to be involved.

This is obviously a very exciting development and we hope that negotiations can now be concluded as quickly as possible, but it is vital that the correct process is followed to ensure the long-term viability of the club.

  While negotiations continue, we are not able to comment further but rest assured key principles such as fan involvement, sustainability and importance to the community have been established.

 In the meantime, the fans can play a key role in the short-term success of the club by packing out Blundell Park for the coming season and demonstrate just what this great club of ours means to us all.