Four months ago we decided to issue membership cards to all Mariners Trust members. The idea behind this was to enable members to receive additional benefits as well as helping the Trust. We ordered a large batch of cards which we decided to use as a trial. However, since we have done this we have realised our membership system as a whole needs a complete overhaul, and distributing the cards without this new system would be more difficult than we anticipated.

As a result we have integrated a new membership system into our website, which we aim to launch in due course. This will enable members to have an online account via our website and simplify the membership process. We then hope to relaunch our membership scheme with additional benefits – and membership cards – in time for the new season.

We still have some membership cards for lifetime members left over from the trial period, and these will be posted out in due course. Additionally, a small number of people have paid for postage of their membership cards which we will be refunding this week.

Apologies for any inconvenience this may cause, however we know the new system will be of significant benefit to us all in the long run.