Never in our proud history have the club faced such a challenging time and if ever the club needed the help of the fans it is now. Many fans have already shown their willingness to help by indicating that they are willing to let the club keep season ticket refunds due for the games that did not take place. Also it is great to see that the crowd funder started by town fan Richard Ladd has got off to a great start and we will be helping to promote that over the coming weeks.

We have also had approaches by fans asking about helping the club through buying shares. As a consequence we are launching a campaign to encourage fans to buy shares if they are able and well known town fan Pete Blendell from the Wellington Arms has got the ball rolling and has already recruited two friends to buy £100 worth of shares each. Pete is going to help promote this and so if you know him expect a call !! Just to clarify this isn’t a new share issue by the club, shares have always been available to buy but we know from speaking to people and looking at comments that a lot of people don’t realise that and don’t know how to go about purchasing. The purpose of this campaign is to raise awareness and also to make the purchasing process as clear and easy as possible.

Shares are available in lots of £100 from the club here:–100-985.html#SID=487

With your shares you will get a certificate which will commemorate to contribution you have made to “Net a share of the Mariners” during these unprecedented times. Also those buying £200 or more shares up until July 31st will get a free framing service which normally costs £25.

You can also download an application form here :GTFC shares Application Form. 

If you paying by debit/credit card or bank transfer you can complete the form, take a copy and e-mail us at If you wish to pay by cheque or standing order (see below) please download and send the signed form to us at Mariners Trust, Blundell Park, Cleethorpes, DN35 7PY

Also we recognise that not everyone can afford £100 at once, particularly during these difficult times, and so we are introducing an option to pay in four monthly instalments. Once all four payments are received the share purchase will take place. Here is the form: GTFC shares Application Form

The other option for standing order is that you set up yourself on internet banking. If you choose to do this please submit your form and make a note that you have done so and let us know the start date.

It is also worth pointing out that shares can be bought as gifts, including for under 18’s, you just need to provide your own details and those of the person you are gifting.

Once this crisis is over and we are allowed back to Blundell Park all those buying shares between now and the end of July, along with others who have helped the club will be invited to a thank you reception with the board, the manager and some players.

Thanks in advance.

Mariners Trust Board.