The Mariners Trust are delighted to confirm the purchase of five defibrillator units and two lockable cabinets thanks to your support in taking out new memberships and renewing existing ones. This will allow Blundell Park to have a unit in each stand, as well as one available to the community outside of the executive entrance of the Youngs Stand.

Kristine Green, Trust Chair said “We saw how vital early intervention with a defib was during the Euros with Christian Eriksen – for every minute that defibrillation is delayed, the chance of survival decreases by 10%.  For the new season, every fan in every stand will be no more than 90 seconds away from lifesaving equipment.”

Purchased at a discounted price from WEL Medical through their FA partner scheme – the iPad units are British Heart Foundation accredited and are widely used by NHS ambulance services.  They have both an adult and child mode and are fully automated to talk the user through the necessary steps of CPR and shock if necessary.

While equipment within the ground will be used by fully trained stewards, publicly accessible defibrillators are on the increase and rightly so.  However research shows that many members of the public lack the confidence to use them.  So the Trust are linking up with local charity Blue Lights Brigade to offer familiarisation and basic CPR training to anybody that would like it.  Sessions will last around an hour with more information to be released in due course.

Your support for the Trust isn’t just invaluable it could be lifesaving – thank you!

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