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Monthly Draw Winners

The latest winners in our monthly draws are as follows

100’s Club

  • 1st Prize £200  Scott Jackson
  • 2cd Prize £40 – Chris Parker
  • 3rd Prize £20 – Ken Campbell

Congratulations to the winners and thanks to all those taking part

Junior Mariners

This month’s winner is Lauchlan Tear who wins a FREE mascot place

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Tony Ford Insurance


Are you looking for insurance?

Do you want to make sure you’re current insurance products are appropriate and value for money?

Then why not get in touch with Town legend Tony Ford.

Tony can provide advice, reviews and quotations on a whole range of insurance products including…

Life Insurance

Critical Illness cover

Over 50’s Life Insurance

Income Protection

Private Medical Insurance

Accident, Sickness & Unemployment cover

Home Insurance

…and his services are free and without any obligation.

Plus, Tony will make a contribution to the Mariners Trust for each and any policy he arranges for you.

So not only will you benefit from qualified, friendly, independent advice in covering your insurance needs, you will also be helping your football club!

You can contact Tony on 0800 043 0981 or 01706 364 049

Or email

Or visit and leave any request details there and Tony will call you.

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Update 14th June 2013

Due to holidays and other commitments our normal monthly meeting and draws were delayed this month and took place yesterday (13/6/2013).

100’s Club

The winners are :

  • 1st prize £200 – Richard Precious
  • 2nd prize £40 -Carol Bett
  • 3rd Prize £20   – Jenny Cole

Congratulations to the winners and many thanks to all taking part

Junior Mariners

This month’s winner of a free replica strip is Evie-Marie Grigg . The draw is free to all Junior members and next month the prize will be a mascot package for a home game of your choice.

Ticket Prices

Although we have not received any direct communication from any supporters about our involvement in next seasons prices we have seen some comments on forums and social media and so would just like to clarify a couple of points.

Having been involved in the budget setting for this season,(of which we will be issuing some details of the key elements in the near future) the need to generate more income to remain competitive was very apparent and to generate this we agreed with the principle of increasing the price that supporters pay for admission. Our favoured approach was to look  at some rebalancing and reduced giveaways rather than an across the board increase . Ultimately the club’sdecision was to do a combination of the two. We did win the argument that the main stand should no longer be priced as a premium stand and should instead be aligned to the Pontoon and Lower Findus .We also secured the introduction of a new £4 price level for accompanied juniors on match days so that an adult + junior could still go for £20-ie no increase on last season.

Although we did not fully agree with the final outcome our message is still the same in that we need everyone to get behind the club and hopefully have another real go at getting back into the football league

There are a couple of areas that we have asked the club to review . Firstly the 18+ student season ticket which as we understand it has been withdrawn more because of difficulty in administration and control rather than trying to generate more income. We have offered to help with the administration and review the process.

The other area is the junior season ticket which still represents really good value at around £2 per match but we can appreciate that represents a significant increase if there is more than one child involved . We have therefore asked the club to look at if there is more than one child in the family only the applying the increase for this year to the first child.

Alan Buckley Book launch

Date for diary – Friday October 18th . We will be holding another evening with Alan Buckley which will be for the launch of his book “pass and move” . We are still finalising details but ticket prices will include a signed copy of his book. More details shortly.

Other Events

We will shortly be issuing a calendar of events for the Trust bar which will include an open evening on the first Monday evening every month were supporters can come along and watch the live football on the TV’s and have a general chat and catch up with ourselves and fellow supporters . We also plan to have once a month Thursday evening events for things like quiz nights, race night , ex player Q & A’s etc

We are still hoping to have a family day/meet the players during pre season but this will depend on whether or not the club can arrange a suitable date/ fixture.


We are in need of a couple more large flat screen TV’s for the bars and so if anyone can help us source them cheaply or even have them donated please let us know.

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Board Position

We are delighted to confirm that the appointment of a Supporter Director on the board of Grimsby Town FC has been ratified and a protocol agreement has been signed by both parties. We will be in a position to announce further details following our next meeting with the club which will be in 2/3 weeks time.

Naturally we are delighted that for the first time in the history of Grimsby Town the supporters have the opportunity to have a say in the boardroom of our club. This formalises an already inclusive relationship which has enabled us to be involved at a very detailed level including for instance this coming season’s budget. As a follow on to the work we did last year on summarising the accounts we will be issuing something shortly which will explain in simple terms the key elements of the budget. This level of involvement and sharing if information is far beyond the vast majority of Football Clubs in the UK and as good as some that are fully owned by fans.

Many thanks to everyone who have supported us and enabled this to happen. It is vital that we keep the momentum going with membership and fundraising and grasp the opportunity we now have because individually we can make little diifference but collectively we can have a massive influence on the future of our club.

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March Draw Winners

The draw for the March 100’s club and Junior Mariners was made yesterday . The winners are

100’s Club

  • 1st Prize £200 – Ken Campbell
  • 2nd Prize £40 – Peter Goodwin
  • 3rd Prize £20 – Mike Roberts

Junior Mariners

Winners of either a replica kit or £50 of club shop vouchers is Sam Wilson

Congratulations to all of our winners and many thanks to all those taking part

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Race Night April 4th

The annual Grimsby Town Grand National draw will take place in the Trust bar at Blundell Park on Thursday April 4th 2013 starting at 7pm. This will be followed by a race night which is great fun for all of the family.

This is a very important fundraiser for the club and you can help in a number of ways.

1) You can buy tickets for the draw via the shop on this website at either 5 for £5 or 11 for £10.

2) You can sponsor one of the races at £20 . Again you can do this via this website or contact us at

3) You can sponsor a horse in one of the races at £5 . This is also via the website or by contacting us.

The Players will be attendance for photo’s and autographs. All welcome

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Wembley Draw winners

Congratulations to the winners of our free Wembley Draws . The draws were made yesterday at half time by GTFC captain Craig Disley . The winners are:

Meal for 2 in Bobby Moore suite – Steve Crosskill

Half time penalties – Richard Cooper, Wayne Cunningham, Tom Bryan and Charles Lumley

Mascots – Owen Mountain and Sean Anderson

Flag Bearers – Cameron Backrath and Andrew Hill

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Wembley opportunity for adults

We have announced the opportunity for kids to be a mascot or flag bearer at Wembley and now we have something very special for Adults.

Ever dreamt of taking a penalty on the hallowed Wembley pitch in front of over 40000 people? Well here is your chance. We have managed to pursuade the FA to do a half time penalty competition Mariners Trust v Wrexham Trust. This will involve 4 people – 3 penalty takers and a goalkeeper.

This participants will be selected from a draw to take place at the Cambridge game on March 16th and to be eligible to be in it you will have to be a Trust member as at midnight March 15th. Two places will be allocated to existing members and the remaining 2 places will be available to all members as at March 15th.All Adult members aged 16 and over will be eligible for the draw.

Just to clarify for both this and the Junior draw you will need to tell us you want to be in it, you will not be entered automatically. This is because we have to send forms to the FA immediately after the draw and so we need to ensure a) the winner is actually attending the game and b) the winner wants to take part.

For both the Junior and Adult draws we need to submit details of seat number so you will need to have bought your ticket by the time of the draw. Only the participants are allowed on the pitch, no family members or friends.

Adult member but penalty shoot out not for you? We still have something to make your day extra special. We have an executive package for two people as a free prize draw. This includes a meal before the game in the Bobby Moore lounge and great Club Wembley seats. If you win and you already have your tickets don’t worry these will be refunded. Again we are asking members to tell us if they want to be included in the draw and to be eligible you need to be a member by March 15th.

Hopefully you will agree that these are fantastic once in lifetime opportunities and we hope the winners have a day they will never forget. Good Luck !!

Special thanks to Dave Smith from the club for helping to make this possible.

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Junior Mariners Wembley Draw

We are delighted to confirm that we have secured 2 mascot places and 2 flag bearer places for the FA Trophy final at Wembley on March 24th . This is a unique opportunity for 4 Junior Mariners to have a day they will never forget.

Unfortunately there are strict age restrictions dictated by the FA for these. For mascots the age range is 7-11 and the age range for flag bearers is 9-12.

The mascot package includes full replica kit,goody bag,match-day programme and packed lunch. The flag bearer is the same apart from the replica kit is repaced by a free Umbro tracksuit.

The lucky Juniors will be met by an FA representative who will take them into the ground and look after them and then take them to their seats at the start of the game . Parents will not be allowed to accompany them .The child’s matchday ticket will be be paid for by the club but obtained by the Parent/Guardian.

We will be drawing out the lucky winners at the Cambridge game on March 16th and so if you want to be in the draw please let us know asap . Anyone who is a member by midnight Friday 15th will eligable apart from one of the places which will be exclusively for existing members.

This is a once in a lifetime opportunity – good luck !!

Up The Mariners

Mariners Trust Board

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February Draws

The draw for both the 100’s Club and Junior Mariners was made this afternoon at the club office . Lisa Piggott picked out the following lucky winners

100’s Club

1st Prize -£200 Peter Goodwin

2cd Prize £40 Pete Roberts

3rd Prize £20 Barry Goodman

Junior Mariner

Lucky winner of a free mascot package is William Harpham.

Congratulations to all the winners and many thanks to everyone taking part.