As we join in the pre-day #1 excitement, our forthcoming pre-season build-up blogs will bring to you;


  • Chris Parker’s squad analysis (though he pines for a Livvo or a Lump) and also Chris’s betting tips (with compulsory disclaimer!)


  • A summer summary; Crowdfunder, Open Day, 9 of 9, links to keep us entertained and informed etc etc…


  • Looking forward; forthcoming events and fixtures


  • Welcome to a selection of new bloggers!


  • A light-hearted ‘Connect the squad’ game.


  • Also, we’ll be trying to belatedly tie up some loose ends of previous blogs over the summer; Emojis, the return of TGTGD, deliveries and more deliveries, whatever takes our/your fancy.


Enjoy!  And watch this space!  #utm