Before I start on with my blog, I wanted to point out a recent blog by Trust member Tommy Bryan which has a similar sentiment, although it focuses more on a comparison between 9 years ago and the situation now.   Here it is:  Enjoy!   A good analysis, which will be interesting to consider again when the Gaffer has made his squad complete in a few weeks’ time.

At this moment in time, we are in a fantastic position with the positive attitude we have towards our club, and we need to stay like this. This IS our year. OUR year. Barnet and Bristol Rovers are out of the way, Ross Joyce is out of the way, a new improved squad, a new positivity around the #OperationPromotion campaign.

Now, I’m not stupid (well not completely) and although I have every faith in Paul Hurst and his committed squad of players, we will not win every game.  No team can do that, (what about Arsenal 03-04, they were pretty close? Pedantic ed.) but when we don’t get the result we want, lets keep this positive attitude we have now.

Cue everyone saying “Well,you’re a fine one to talk” and they are right.   I have bitched and moaned and even previously called for a change in manager, but if I can change and stay positive, then we all can.

Let’s not have people calling for Hursty’s head because we threw away a 2 goal lead.  Ideally let’s not throw away a 2 goal lead but still.

Let’s not get on the back of a player because he missed a sitter from 5 yards.

And most of all, let’s not boo the team as they leave the pitch because we didn’t get a result.  We all need to get behind the team and cheer them on, no matter what.  Booing is for Lincoln, for dodgy referees and for OTT stewarding!

#wegoagain!   Not just for a new season curtain-raiser, but for every match. Stay positive. Let’s back Paul and the team no matter how results go. Let’s be the 12th man and sing our hearts out for the lads. We are the best supporters in the land, and we are proving that with what we have pledged financially. Pledge that support in voice too!

Remember this?  12th man!

Up the Mariners!