Racist incident at Newport

It was really sad this week to learn of an alleged incident at Newport of a Grimsby Supporter shouting a racist remark at a Newport player.

Our stance on this is that any form of abuse including racism has no place at a football ground or anywhere else in society and cannot be tolerated. There can be no mitigating circumstances and if found to be true we would support a lengthy ban and a suitable re-education programme be undertaken. We would be pleased to facilitate the re-education and indeed a wider programme if it helps eradicate this awful behaviour.

Also, as we understand it the issue was highlighted by another Grimsby supporter which can’t have been easy but, in our view, should be applauded.

Unfortunately, we have also been told of an alleged racist incident at the Lincoln game but so far, the person involved has not been identified. This was reported as happening in the Lower Youngs a few minutes after the Lincoln goal and we would encourage anyone who has any information on this to contact ourselves or the club.

Although we advocate strong action we would much rather prevent this and all forms of abuse.We very much support the work of Kick it Out and would encourage everyone to find out more by visiting www.kickitout.org or download the kick it out app. They and the FSF offer lots of help and we intend to work closely with the club to ensure these are fully utilised all year round within the community. Getting the message over to kids and young adults has to be the priority if we are going to stop these incidents once and for all.

140 year Celebrations

On a more positive note we are putting together a mini exhibition to celebrate the 140 yr anniversary of the club. This will take place on Sunday September 16th at Blundell Park. Entry will be free and doors open at 10.30 until 2pm. The format will be:

Programme and Book corner

Story Boards showing  the history of the club 1878-present day in words and pictures

Fantastic memorabilia on show

“Corridor of shirts”

Access to Boardroom and Kingswood lounge

10 minute video on loop

Variety of replica shirts for sale

Hot and cold drinks available

In addition to this we are working with the Wellington Arms to put on a special day on the actual day of the anniversary which is Thursday September 20th. It is at this very venue that the club was formed all those years ago. The pub will be putting on a free buffet throughout the day and there will be lots of memorabilia on display. GTFC manager and some players will be attendance around 6pm and there will be lots of fundraising taking place for the YDA and the pub have kindly kicked this off with a donation of £150.

Please support these events if you can, the history of our great club is incredible.

Guest of Honour

Hopefully you will have noticed that we are trying to get an ex player back as our special guest for each game. So far we have had Justin Whittle and Phil Hubbard and tomorrow we are pleased to welcome back Steve Sherwood. For the Oldham game we have Shaun Cunnington and then also confirmed we have Mike Hickman for the Crawley game. This is Mike’s first visit back having emigrated to Australia and so we are also getting back together as many of the 1971/72 team as possible. More details to follow nearer the time.

When you see the ex players as we take them round the ground please do not hesitate to speak to them, have a photo or whatever, they really appreciate it.

Transfer to stands from Trust Bar

We have been made aware of issues at the last game when people who have  entered the ground early to use the Trust bar have had problems transferring to other stands despite having tickets. We have raised this with the club and it is clearly a misunderstanding by the stewards and will be highlighted in the briefing notes for tomorrow. We would encourage any season ticket holders who are needing to transfer to bring their books with them so that they can prove to the stewards they have a valid ticket.

On the subject of the bars just to clarify they will be open for a short time prior to half time but live screening of the game is not allowed under new licencing restrictions imposed this year. As you can imagine we are not happy with this and are trying to get a sensible solution. We reluctantly accept that the game cannot be shown for the whole of the game but feel to stop it all together is a sledgehammer to crack a nut solution and it makes absolute sense to relieve congestion in the bars at half time by having the game live on the TV’s in the 10 mins so prior.

Work with SD

As you know we have been working with Supporter Direct on how we can improve our ways of working with the club building in the key points from the fans survey from early this year. The status on this is that we have had a very positive meeting with SD and the club and we will be in a position to issue details in a couple of weeks time after the next GTFC board meeting. The process has taken longer than we would have liked but we wanted SD’s involvement so that they could bring to the table their knowledge and experience of other clubs and indeed this has been invaluable to us. They have been going through major change themselves with their amalgamation with the FSF and understandably that has restricted their availability.

Programme Notes

We have a feature in every programme when we take the opportunity to update on any news as well as discuss any current football topics. We appreciate not everyone wants to buy a programme and so after games we are going to be publishing our articles on this website. The link is here http://www.marinerstrust.co.uk/newsletters/news/

Enjoy the match tomorrow


Mariners Trust Board