Now the Trust does not endorse betting – we’d far prefer you gave your money to #OperationPromotion of course.  One way of looking at this is that Chris may show us all how much or how little he knows about English league football. Worth a Fortune? by Chris Parker Many years ago I worked with… Continue Reading Pre-Season Predictions – Chris Parker

Inspired by a tweet of the World’s Greatest Tall and Short players, we commissioned, well we asked, former Trust Chair Chris Parker to do us a blog on the topic, with the obvious twist – they must have been Town players at some point.  Here it is below! It being Chris’ article, blame him for… Continue Reading The tall and the short of it!

By Chris Parker There are many clichés thrown around in sport, and football in particular, many of them apply to supporters. ‘Best fans in the league/country/world’*, ‘fans are more important than any player/manager/director/owner’ (* delete as appropriate),  the list goes on & on. Many of them have at least a degree of truth but by… Continue Reading The Power of Fans

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