"So Proud to Have Played"

"I am so proud to have played 754 games for Town but it might not have happened had the club not found some extra funding for the apprenticeship scheme which meant having been released I got a second chance. I have seen first hand how remarkable the fans of GTFC can be and I fully support the Trust in their endeavours to help the club in any way they can to get the club back to where it belongs. Good Luck."
John McDermott

"Golden Goal at Wembley"

"How could I ever forget that golden goal at Wembley. When I ran over to the fans and I could see so much joy on the faces of thousands of people it was the most amazing feeling. That day showed just how much GTFC means to the local community and  although attendances are obviously now very low I know that the club still means a lot to everyone in the town. By working together the fans can make a massive difference."
Wayne Burnett

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