Wednesday night saw the first ever Mariners Trust FIFA Tournament take place in the Trust Bar at Blundell Park, with a mixture of Town first team players, club staff, Trust Board Members and mostly importantly GTFC fans battling it out to try to become the 2013 Mariners Trust FIFA Champion.

Thirty two players were scheduled to take part but due to handful of no-shows, a few of the competitors got a second chance within the first round.

Each player randomly selected a team from a group of 11 national teams and 21 European club teams, leading to some fascinating clashes thrown up by the draw such as Brazil v Liverpool, the Milan derby and even Spain against Barcelona.

The atmosphere was good and the Town players were a credit to the club, laughing and joking with everyone, encouraging and updating us with Champions League results, and arranging a brief Aswad Thomas cameo to say hi to fans and watch a few games.  Thanks to all that took part! Here’s the full results breakdown.

Round one;
Joel Bryson 3 Shaun Pearson 0                         Jack Blyth 2 Billy Clark 3
Paul Hardie 3 Jimmy Nutting 0                              Paul Holmes 1 Craig Disley 1 (Shots; Disley)
Andy Cook 6 Hayden Cole 0                               Ian Smith 3 Jack Wilson 3 (Shots; Wilson)
Ashley Delatouche 2 Curtis Shorter 3                  Danny Charlton 2 Tom Bryan 0
Ryan Barber 1 Andi Thanoj 2                              Andy Woolsey 1 Nathan Hill 1 (Shots; level, Corners; Woolsey)
Dayle Southwell 4 Richard Nicholl 0               Craig Codling 2 Danny Cant 3
Marc Reed 3 Hayden Cole 1                                 Jack Blyth 4 Ashley Delatouche 4 (Shots; Blyth)
Darren Todd 2 Ryan Barber 2 (Shots; Barber)    Jimmy Nutting 2 Jack Johnson 1
(2 of the 7 seeds knocked out)

Round two;
Bryson 3 Clark 3 (Shots; Clark)                           Hardie 5 Disley 1
Cook 1 Wilson 0                                                    Shorter 3 Charlton 1
Thanoj 2 Woolsey 0                                             Southwell 2 Cant 1
Reed 0 Blyth 2                                                          Barber 4 Nutting 2
(2 more seeds out)


THE GTFC FIFA CREW (good players wearing white in this picture!)

Clark 1 Hardie 3                              Cook 3 Shorter 1
Thanoj 1 Southwell 2              Blyth 3 Barber 1

Hardie 1 Cook 4                    Southwell 1 Blyth 4

Andy Cook  (Borussia Dortmund) 4   Jack Blyth (Tottenham Hotspur) 2
At half time Jack led 2-1, but (if you believe his Twittering) the game turned on a set piece, and all the momentum went to Cookie who banged in 3 second half goals to take the title; MARINERS TRUST FIRST EVER FIFA CHAMPION!

SPECIAL AWARDS, no prizes; just for fun;

  • MOST HEARD EXCUSE:  ‘Spurs should not have Bale playing.’   (by the 4 players knocked out by Jack Blyth’s Spurs!)
    Round 1  Holland 4 Spurs 4, goals galore, and fantastic late comeback achieved despite Dutch timewasting at the corner flag
    Round 2; England 1 Germany 2 (just because we all love to hate that tie….)
    Quarters and after;  Difficult to call as it got a bit serious in the final rounds! Uruguay 1 Germany 2 saw Town player versus Town player for the only time (thanks to Shaun and Craig’s early exits 😉 )  and Dayle Southwell dumped Andi Thanoj out of the competition for training ground bragging rights.
  • EXCUSE OF THE NIGHT AWARD; Craig Disley – ‘I’m much better at Fifa 13’.  Will have to take your word for that Dizza.
  • GOLDEN BOOT: most goals of the night; Andy Cook 18, just ahead of Jack Blyth 17, who played a game more,
  • NO GOALS AWARD: shared between Shaun Pearson, Tom Bryan, Rich Nicholl. Sure they will score next time….

Thanks to all that took part; it took Dave buying the consoles, Marc setting them up, Sharon running the bar and setting up the venue, Wayne collecting the cash, special thanks to Jack and all the players too, the parents accompanying the more junior competitors, everyone that came to support, Chris for presenting the prizes, and me for managing (just about the draw).

Finally special mention for the fella who I won’t name, who emailed on Thursday and said, ‘I’ll definitely be there.’ 24 hours too late, sorry!
Watch this space.   Let’s do it again soon!  Can anyone beat Andy Cook at FIFA????