The Football Supporters Federation (FSF) are campaigning about the allocation of FA Cup final tickets.

They are concerned that of the 90000 capacity of Wembley, the two finalists receive 25000 each; less than a third! So they are asking for at least 5000 tickets more per finalist.  At the last count this campaign had the backing of 70 other FSF affiliate members. and we at the Mariners Trust added our support to their recent letter to the FA..

Here’s some of our discussion which led to our support; the combined thoughts of a few of us on Board merged into a mini-blog.

This campaign concerns prioritising the fans of teams who reach the FA Cup final.
Instead of thousands of tickets going to the corporate hospitality or highest bidder online (which means richer folk irrespective of team they support get to attend) many more should go to proven supporters . 
Cup Final attendances are always 89000ish, since the new Wembley was built, whether it is Chelsea v Arsenal, or Portsmouth v Cardiff. So there is obviously demand; its not a question of fear of a half-empty venue.  To use an example, and I realise NUFC got knocked out yesterday; what if Newcastle played Everton? Both teams desperate for silverware and with big support and a decent distance to travel; it would be crazy if a big chunk of season ticket holders at those two clubs were held to ransom/reliant upon the lottery of the ‘other’ tickets.  (Let’s face if you as a football fan lived near Wembley you’d be tempted to go whenever a chance came up.)
A ticket allocation of 30000 per team still leaves 29000 for neutrals/corporate, and at 1/3 each, that seems the very least that should happen.
Traditionally every single club that enters the F.A. Cup gets a ticket or two for the final which if still the case would account for a lot of the remaining 40,000 so it isn’t just about “corporate”.  Despite this, surely another 5000 for each finalist would be manageable? Obviously demand would be greater for a Cup final than a League game from any teams’ fans, and realistically not that many teams can boast regular home support of more than 25000, let alone away games, but a Cup final is different.
So the Trust have backed this campaign, and would be interested to hear your views via facebook, twitter or email.
If you want to find out more;  is the link you need.  #UTM