The Mariners Trust Board are aware that sometimes organisations lose sight of where they are going.

When the Mariners Trust was reformed, it was with a clear goal in mind – aiming to get a seat on the board of the Club so that the fans’ voice could be heard directly in the Board Room, improving the match day experience, as well as connecting the Club and community.

Through a lot of hard work from a lot of people, the first goal was achieved, along with many others, to improve the match day experience of fans and to help finance the team we all love. We have run events, large and small, sponsored junior football leagues and supported other football based causes around the town/area. We have successfully run and improved the bars at Blundell Park, and let’s not forget Operation Promotion…

This all takes a massive amount of work from a group of volunteers (and a paid Bar Manager) who do it for the love of their team and in the service of their fellow fans.

The Trust has been a success by most measures; increased membership, increased influence and increased finances. But we find ourselves at a crossroad. The seat on the Club Board comes at the price of vocal opposition. Our views as fans are fed back in that arena in a calm, measured, but very clear way. With a seat on the Board the Trust is part of the Club and we can’t get away from that. The information that can come out of the board room is limited, and many people find that frustrating. Once board room opposition is voiced, the decision of the Football Club Board prevails and our representative (Jon Wood) is required to support this decision – something which can be frustrating at times. The Mariners Trust can then continue to articulate their view but cannot support anything that will potentially damage the Club (i.e. fan boycotts), without instructing Jon to resign.

The Trust has also become potentially a victim of its own success. A growing membership requires more and more administration and we have over promised and under delivered on that, because of the complexity and size of the task.

So the question is… where next?

As a Trust Board, we are seeking the views of our members as to what they think our next moves should be. The Trust Board will be holding an Emergency General Meeting (EGM) as soon as is practical, with one agenda item: ‘The future of the Mariners Trust.’

In the meantime, the Trust Board will meet next week to consider fans’ questions in advance. We will be actively seeking the views of ex-Board Members and other fans, and encouraging them to contribute to this process.

We urge all members to consider what you want your Trust to be.

  • How should we go forward?
  • What should our aims be?
  • Should we continue with the seat on the Club Board?

We will collate all questions and comments emailed to and ask that these are sent to us by 9pm on Tuesday 1st August at the latest.

Please keep your eye out for the notification of the EGM and PLEASE come along and participate. Policy is made by people that turn up and get involved.