Inspired by a tweet of the World’s Greatest Tall and Short players, we commissioned, well we asked, former Trust Chair Chris Parker to do us a blog on the topic, with the obvious twist – they must have been Town players at some point.  Here it is below!

It being Chris’ article, blame him for any omissions! He didn’t name subs, so perhaps tweeting Mariners can do that for us!

Tallest Mariners vs Shortest Mariners by Chris Parker:

Limiting myself to players I have seen, this would be my Land of the Giants side:.

I found lots of keepers who measure up at 6ft 4 but I’d go for one of the best loanees of all time in Dave Beasant.

Right back- probably best ‘remembered’ for his hand ball at Anfield I have gone for the 6ft 2in David Beharall

My centre back pairing are both 6ft 7ins short with Rob Jones in alongside Ben Futcher. Just missing out is the diminutive Tony Crane at 6ft 5 (his backside seemed to measure similarly), and a more recent giant in Clayton McDonald.

Left Back? I’ve gone for 6ft 3 Knut Anders Fostervold.

 Wide right the ‘shortest ‘ player in this side at 6ft 1 is the Flying Dutchman Marcel Cas whilst on the left flank jailbird Ashley Sestanovich at 6ft 3 shoots himself into my side.

 Central midfield is dominated by Georges Santos at 6 ft 3 alongside 6ft 2 inch Ron ‘Cannonball’ Cockerill, father of John.

 Upfront I go for last season’s loanee the 6ft 5 Ollie Palmer playing off Gordon Walker at 6ft 4 ( I can still recall that photo on the back of the Gy Telegraph of Gordon alongside Dave Boylen when Town supposedly had the tallest and shortest players in the Football League.)

 And for manager; the legendary Lawrie McMenemy; 6ft4 (and he could have Chris Doig as his assistant)

The Opponents: The Vertically Challenged XI.

 The ‘tallest’ player in this side has to be the ‘keeper and none other than Paul Reece at 5ft 9 gets the vote.

Across the back 4 (right to left) Macca at an impressive 5ft 7 with centre backs (both played at centre back too!) Ben Chapman & Paul Agnew ( 5 ft 6 & 8 respectively)

Left back is difficult due to moving Chapman and Agnew  but I’ve gone for ‘towering’ Dave Smith as although he was predominantly a midfielder he is far too tall to get in at that position and he did play a few games at left back. 5ft 7.

Lots of candidates for the Lilliputesque midfield but from my earlier days watching Town 5 ft 5 inch Stuart Housley on one flank and Diddy Dave Gilbert on the other side at the same height. Central midfield goes to Billy Rudd at 5ft 5 who would tower over Dave Boylen at 5ft 3 3/4!   (No room for Scott Brown at a massive 5ft 7, nor Graham Hockless!)

Up front 5ft 5 David ‘Digger’ Soames partners 5ft 4in Clint Marcelle

Two outstanding candidates for manager here;  the current boss and a certain A.Buckley.     Well, Paul Hurst is about 5ft 5, and Buckley is taller (according to Wiki/google) but how about we let them manage together? To avoid arguments, ha!

NOTE: The height difference of the two sides adds up to virtually 9 feet!!!!

Only two questions remain:

1. Who would win?      (really?)

2. Who would you put in your side instead?


Giants X1


Beharall                                               R Jones                         B Futcher                            Fostervold

Cas                                                         Santos                           R Cockerill                        Sestanovich

                                                                Palmer                         Walker

Lilliput X1



McDermott                                        Chapman                          Agnew                                  D Smith

Housley                                               Rudd                                  Boylen                                 Gilbert

                                                                Soames                              Marcelle