With Jon-Paul Pittman confirmed to be staying on for another season, http://www.grimsby-townfc.co.uk/news/article/jp-pens-new-deal-2471818.aspx, there’s an interesting stat or pattern regarding Grimsby Town’s strikers and the numbers they wear. For whatever reason, recent history hasn’t been kind to those wearing numbers 9 and 10 on the backs of their shirts at Blundell Park.
Martin Gritton, Marc Goodfellow, Ciaran Toner, Chris Llewellyn, Lee Peacock, Andy Cook, Michael Reddy, Danny North, Liam Hearn, Damian Spencer, Charles Ademeno and Martin Butler have all worn either number in recent seasons, with only a couple managing to get into double figures goal-wise.   More often than not, numbers 9 and 10 have spent more time in the physio’s room than on the pitch.   This phenomenon was noted a couple of years ago on theFishy message board here; http://thefishy.co.uk/cgi-bin/forum/Blah.pl?m-1360237541/
And last season was no different. Ross Hannah only managed a handful of goals, with top scorers Lenell John-Lewis (20 goals) wearing 14, Jon-Paul Pittman (10 goals) wearing 18 and Craig Disley (9 goals) wearing number 8. With Hannah leaving the club, shirt numbers 9 and 10 will be available again. My advice to Lenny and Pittman, should they both stay, is to avoid changing their shirt numbers. And when Paul Hurst signs other attacking players…if they want to be a success at Grimsby Town, perhaps avoid numbers 9 and 10 too.