Mariners Trust is a collective of Grimsby Town F.C. supporters who have a direct say in the running of the football club.

Mariners Trust would not exist without your support.  Please join us!  Help make a difference to your football club. We offer Annual Membership, at differing rates according to age, or Lifetime Membership.

Mission Statement

Our goal is to listen to the views of all supporters of Grimsby Town Football Club and ensure these views are repented tand heard within the football club

Core Values

  • Passion and Commitment

We are passionate about both Mariners Trust and Grimsby Town Football Club, and committed to working hard on their behalf.

  • Discretion and Professionalism

We work to ensure that whilst stay close to the supporters, we maintain a degree of professionalism in all that we do.

  • Community Focused

We aspire to provide support within the local community wherever possible, and understand the importance of looking after the area in which we are involved.


We continue to be inclusive of a diverse range of people, and constantly work on ways of improving people’s perception of foot ball in the Grimsby area.


  • To contribute as much as we can towards the running of Grimsby Town Football Club.
  • To bring Grimsby Town Football Club closer to it’s local community.
  • To maintain elected representation on the board of Grimsby Town Football Club.
  • To represent the needs and aims of our members always
  • To provide support to groups within our local community, in any way we can.

Mariners Trust is a member of the Football Supporters Association.














The Mariners Trust are a Community Interest Company (CIC) and are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Our registration is IP29571R. We are a not-for-profit organisation and our work is for the benefit of the wider community and not for the financial benefit of our members. We work under the model rules and guidance of Supporters Direct and we are also members of the Football Supporters Federation (FSF).