We are delighted to confirm that the appointment of a Supporter Director on the board of Grimsby Town FC has been ratified and a protocol agreement has been signed by both parties. We will be in a position to announce further details following our next meeting with the club which will be in 2/3 weeks time.

Naturally we are delighted that for the first time in the history of Grimsby Town the supporters have the opportunity to have a say in the boardroom of our club. This formalises an already inclusive relationship which has enabled us to be involved at a very detailed level including for instance this coming season’s budget. As a follow on to the work we did last year on summarising the accounts we will be issuing something shortly which will explain in simple terms the key elements of the budget. This level of involvement and sharing if information is far beyond the vast majority of Football Clubs in the UK and as good as some that are fully owned by fans.

Many thanks to everyone who have supported us and enabled this to happen. It is vital that we keep the momentum going with membership and fundraising and grasp the opportunity we now have because individually we can make little diifference but collectively we can have a massive influence on the future of our club.