The Mariners Trust Board is a small group of fans who work entirely on a voluntary basis.  The board are democratically elected by members of the Trust. Each board member can serve for 3 years before being up for re-election and no board member should serve for more than 12 consecutive years.
Each board member also sits on a number of sub-committees. Here are your current Trust board, together with their role & which sub committees they are part of :
  • Kristine Green – Chair and GTFC Board Representative
  • Chris Parker – Vice Chair
  • Ian Townsend – Treasurer
  • Sandii Raithby – Secretary
  • Dave Roberts – GTFC Board Representative
  • Stuart Raithby
  • Colin Hodgson
  • Hayley Carver-Smith
  • Ian Keightley
  • Kel Billings
  • Wayne Brightmore
  • Brian Nicholson
You don’t need to be a board member to help. If you feel you have skills we could use, please drop us an email to –