With 10 games left in the regular season, Town’s last 10 league games have seen us win 6 but lose 4 (18 points out of 30 max.). To have a chance of actually sneaking the Conference title at the death, a better record than that is required, although 6 wins would almost certainly ensure the playoffs.  (Things are made difficult to work out by Halifax, Eastleigh, and Gateshead having more than 10 games left…perhaps something to due with postponements, eh?)

A quick comparison: the others in the Top 5: their form in their last 10 Conference games:
Bristol Rovers       w 7 d 3 l 0    (24/30)
Barnet                    w 5 d 1 l 4    (16/30)
Macclesfield          w 6 d 1 l 3    (19/30)
Forest Green         w 7 d 3 l 0    (24/30)

Back to the Depth Chart, the most recent changes are Winfarrah and Watson out, on loan, so possibly to return to April’s D.C..  Each featured yesterday, for Scarborough and Gainsborough respectively.
Also, Clay and Mackreth seem to have become definite starters, and the order of striker preference has varied a bit – Hurst seems to prefer Pittman to Jolley, but Palmer to both, when fit.

GTFC DEPTH CHART                                     (as at 1st March 2015)
[Assumes 4-4-2 formation. CAPITALS denotes starter, lower case denotes reserves, in order of likely preference.]

Defenders (RB – RCB – LCB – LB)
Parslow           Parslow       Parslow        Magnay
Robertson       Magnay       Magnay       Bignot
Walker             Doig             Doig             McLaughlin
Bignot             Bignot         Bignot
Walker        Humble

Midfielders (RM – CM – CM – LM)
MACKRETH    DISLEY            CLAY            ARNOLD
Jolley               Brown            Brown          Jolley
Arnold             McLaughlin   McLaughlin McLaughlin
Clay                 Parslow          Parslow
Pittman          Robertson     Robertson

Strikers (CF – CF)
Pittman            Pittman
Jolley                 Jolley
Hannah            Hannah
Arnold              Arnold