You will have recently seen the launch of a Fan Led Review following the emergence of a European Super League (ESL) that was subsequently and swiftly debunked by fans up and down the country.


This article will try to answer some questions as well as confirming the part that the Mariners Trust and Grimsby Town fanbase will play.

Questions and Answers

What is a Fan Led Review (FLR)?

A fan led review is something that was promised by the Government as part of the their manifesto during the last election.  It’s something that wasn’t quite happening until the ESL arrived.  It will look at a wide range of issues within football including governance, finance, ownership models and further fan involvement.


Who is involved in the FLR?


Tracey Crouch MP will be the chair of the panel – she is currently the MP for Chatham & Aylesford and was previously Sports Minister.  Other members of the panel are:

Kevin Miles – Chief Executive, Football Supporters Association (FSA)

Denise Barrett-Baxendale – Chief Executive of Everton FC

Clarke Carlisle – Former chair of the Professional Footballers Association (PFA)

Dan Jones – Football Finance

Dawn Airey – Chair of the Football Association Women’s Super League

David Mahoney – Chief Executive of England & Wales Cricket Board

James Tedford – Former Secretary of Southport FC

Godric Smith – Director of Cambridge United FC

Danny Finkelstein – Independent panel member

Roy Hodgson – Former England Manager

What’s the timeline for the review?

It’s difficult to say exactly how long this review will last as it is no small undertaking.  Tracey Crouch and the panel have already held meetings with a number of fan groups who have presented evidence. These meetings will continue throughout June. That said an interim report is due by the end of July and a final report around October.

Then What?

It is likely that the conclusion of the FLR will recommend legislative changes which will mean the Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport (DCMS) putting recommendations forward as part of a bill.  This process takes time and will likely extend well into 2022 – this isn’t going to be a quick fix.

How are the Mariners Trust involved?

The Trust, through Chair Kristine Green, have a National Council and Board representative of the FSA.  There are a number of general meetings currently underway where the Trust will feed into the various threads of discussion.  One area that we will look to input strongly is on the subject of fan representation on club boards – currently having two Fan Elected Directors (FED).

Will you update us as the review progresses?

We will look to update membership where we can either through individual updates or as part of our monthly newsletter.

We’ll also look to share/retweet and give points of interest for fans through our social media channels:


Can fans get involved?

Fans are welcome to submit thoughts and evidence of their own directly or discuss with us

Alternatively you can contact your local MP to give your views. You can find out how do that via