Les Brechin is running another of his popular Fishy pontoon Busters. Here are the details of how to enter  as per his communication on the Fishy.

“The latest Fishy Pontoon Buster has been won and all prizes now paid out. Well done to everyone who took part and I’m sure Phil appreciated the £300 that the competition raised.

For this new game I will revert to what I was doing last season and donate 25% of the takings to The Mariners Trust. To give people enough time to enter, the new game will start with games from Friday 16th October.

Same rules as usual, I’m sure you all know by now but if not just ask and I’ll send you a PM.

I have re-randomised the 116 teams and entry is as always £10 per team, have as many teams as you like and money should be sent via Paypal to lesbrechin@hotmail.com or by direct bank transfer” (e-mail Les for details if you haven’t got them).

You can also now enter via the Trust website here http://www.marinerstrust.co.uk/product/fishy-pontoon-buster/  and we will pass the entry onto Les.