So, a bit of fun and a chance to raise a bit more money for The Mariners Trust.

This competition will be open until the 31st of March 2016.


Entries cost £5 per go and you can have as many goes as you like.

Name a team and whether you think the game will be home or away.

25% of all the money taken will be donated to The Mariners Trust and the other 75% will be paid to the person or persons who correctly predict the first game. If no one predict the first game exactly correctly then the prize will be awarded to the person or persons who have correctly predicted just the team regardless of whether home or away.

If no one correctly predicts the first team, then the prize money will be donated to The Mariners Trust.

Entries money can be paid via Paypal to or PM me if you wish to do a direct bank transfer.

When entering you can either PM me your prediction, include a note when you send your money or post it on this thread.

I will make a sticky which I will update regularly with the entries made. More than one person can make the same prediction but the money will be shared if that is the winning prediction.

Please also remember to choose the option of “Send Money To Family Or Friends” if using Paypal, as this will incur no charge to either you or me.

Any more questions then just ask. (e-mail and we will pass on)