48 hours ago, when a number of fans had messaged us asking how they could help get more fans to London after seeing ticket prices, little did we know that the final total received would be £23,899.29!! Amazingly it wasn’t just Mariners fans that chipped in, with fans from Sheffield Wednesday, Bradford, Swindon and AFC Bournemouth among other Clubs to donate. A very special mention however to fans of Wrexham AFC, who absolutely stunned us with their support for this – genuinely unreal from them!

So what now? Members of the Trust board will now go through forms received from people requesting help or nominating people for assistance – this could be just for ticket purchase or ticket purchase and transport. We will look to help as many fans as we can with this money. Additionally we have been in contact with Solihull Moors to let them know that the equivalent of 4 adults, 4 concessions and 4 booking fees will be allocated to them too.

Alongside this we’ve been working on the issue that fans have had with concessions for the period between the lower tier selling out and those tickets becoming available in the upper tier. During this time a large number of fans purchased adult tickets for under 16’s, meaning an increased cost of £25 per ticket. While we’ve been collating and contacting fans you many have seen the Vanarama tweet confirming that they were talking with Clubs on how they could help. In our case they have committed £20,000 to the Trust to cover all of the extra costs for fans in this scenario, with any remaining monies moving across to the pot above. We would like to give a huge amount of thanks to Vanarama for this gesture – it certainly means that we can help more fans. We ask for you to bear with us on this as workload priority will be given to fans without any tickets.

It’s not too late to apply – if you would like to nominate yourself or somebody else you think deserved to chance to go then please email us TODAY at enquiries@marinerstrust.co.uk

We again have to thank every one of you that has helped in some way, we knew the footballing community is special but this is something else!

Let’s get to London!