Two firsts for me at Blundell Park today. The first one was a minutes round of applause for absent friends. A really nice touch which will have no doubt meant a great deal to some people, especially at this time of year. The second was that I didn’t buy a half time bonanza ticket. My dad won it on Boxing Day and sits two seats down from me. Christmas miracles do not happen twice.

Vose came in for Vernon, Henderson stayed in goal, Blackpool won the toss and opted to switch ends. I now have to add them to the list of football clubs I hate because of it.

We huffed, they puffed. Chambers went down and then went off. We tried a bit, we exerted ourselves, Bogle had a half chance and a quarter of the ground were fooled by a free kick that didn’t go in, but looked like it did.

Halftime, 0-0, quick pint.

The game resumed with Town kicking towards the Osmond end. Disley came on for Summerfield and the old workhorse showed the young ponies how you properly plough the centre of midfield. If Town had won the first half on points, Blackpool were scoring higher on the judges scorecards in the second. The game was petering out and felt for all the world like a 0-0 draw. And so it was.

A very brief report, you might think. I could say how we weren’t great, but we weren’t awful. I could list my frustrations and highlight areas where I think we could inject new blood. But it’s New Year’s Eve so I’d rather say this…

What a year 2016 has been for Town. I first started watching them in the mid 80’s and can remember all of our most recent glory years. I can look back on the days when we punched above our weight, season after season, and Grimsby versus Wolverhampton was not an FA Cup match, it was a regular league fixture. Those days are still a long way off but we have ‘something’ at Town. The club has a special place in people’s hearts, we rally round (to the tune of 110k), we turn up to Blundell Park and our travelling fans are often in the numbers most Premier League teams would be proud of. We are a good, decent club, and we’re on the up. Thats why today’s result doesn’t really matter.

God bless you all, and a Happy New Year.

Up the Mariners.

Chris Marsh.