So the big game arrives my local team the mighty Mariners play Exeter city my mums place of birth and my uncle grahams favourite football team the mighty city he calls them lets see !!
The game starts with Deano Henderson playing in goal for town nothing will beat Deano  Deano,deano straight from kick off Exeter are swarming round town like bees and forcing us into mistakes come on town wake up we can do this.
First half not many chances for town but Omar can change this. The Exeter forward who looks a bit podgy is a nuisance and after a very frustrating first 40 mins Exeter pinch the lead with a scrappy goal from Ruben Reid and the first half ends with town a goal down time for a sausage roll.
2nd half kicks off with town swapping Pearson for new signing gavin gunning and we look quicker now and we’re gonna score UTM . Oh no disaster we gift a 2nd goal to Exeter but me and the fans still feel we can still win this even at 2-0 down.
Again no clear chances for town but it’s time for my favourite town player tom bolarinwa to come on and cause mayhem times ticking away but still believe town battling away and then again on 80 minutes Exeter score again to win the 3 points and fans start to leave my dad tells me we don’t leave till the end!!grumpy .
The ref blows the final whistle it’s all over I’ve now got a grumpy dad ,a cold sister, and a visit from my uncle graham the mighty city fan to come in couple of weeks ????????⚽️⚽️⚽️⚫️⚪️⚫️⚪️⚫️
Ruby Lawler, aged 10 x