We would like to take the opportunity to update everyone with the situation regarding the Lower Findus bar. As your are aware there have been one or two occasions this season when we have had to restrict access and a couple of others when we announced possible restriction which in the end were not needed.

The reason for the issue has been that the official capacity for the bar has been set at 130 people and at the Barnet game when this was strictly enforced it became evident that there is scope to increase this figure. When there is a decent crowd the capacity at that level is just too small to cope with demand. It also became clear that a number of people were simply entering the bar to go through  the door to the toilets.

Obviously both ourselves and the club want to maximise the use of the bars and try and cater for everyone and so we have been working hard with Nick Dale  to put some changes in place which will hopefully improve the situation significantly. These are as follows.

  • With some small furniture changes we have managed to get the relevant authorities to give the room an official increase in capacity to 180.
  • We have installed a new door which is locked on match days preventing access to the toilets via the small corridor in the bar. This will stop people being “counted” into the bar but not using it.
  • We have agreed with the licencing authorities that with immediate effect alcohol can be consumed in plastic glasses in the turnstile area outside the bar. We will also be setting up a bottle bar in that area. We expect this to provide another 50 places
  • We are converting the kiosk at the corner of the Pontoon and Lower Findus stand into an outside bar. Lower Findus customers will be able to use this facilities along with those from the Pontoon. We expect this facility to be available in around 3/4 weeks time.
  • Even with these increases there will be matches when the Upper and Lower Findus are sold out and  restrictions needed. On these occasions (hopefully lots of them) the only access from the Lower Findus will be for season ticket holders on a first come first served basis. Once full all other Lower Findus customers will have use of the new outside bar.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank Nick for his help and expertise in making these changes happen.

Reminder that the Trust bar on Saturday match days opens at 12pm and anyone from any stand can enter before turnstiles open at 1.30pm and  then transfer to your stand when you leave the bar. For anyone who has not been in before we have six tv’s in the bar which show the early kick off game.

For the Eastleigh game, as a special offer, we are reducing our price on beer to  £2 /pint between 12pm and 1.30pm so why not come early and enjoy the Man City v WBA game before the most important match of the day.

Thank you for your patience and understanding while we implement these changes.

Up the mariners

Mariners Trust Board