Andrew Nutting

Years Watching Town

First game 16th Jan 1979 Grimsby 7 – Darlington 2! My eldest lad Josh’s first game was the 6-5 vs. Burnley, so he beat me 11 goals to 9!

Blundell Park Seat

I sit in the Young’s Lower, in seat B4.


Trust Role

Trust role is mainly aimed at expanding the junior section and helping with competitions etc.


I work at Dunlop Oil and Marine, and am a keen cyclist hoping to participate in the London to Paris charity bike ride in May.


Favourite Current GTFC Player (2016/17)

Shaun Pearson


Favourite Ever GTFC Player

Keith Alexander


Favourite GTFC Kit

Red away Ciba Geigy kit with the flecks. Quite like this seasons red kit too.


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