Following a meeting between several of our Board Members and Club representatives, it has been agreed that there will be minimal change to the way in which our bars will run this season. All Trust bars around Blundell Park will continue to operate the same opening times as previous seasons, however the bar pass system will be removed.

The operation of the Trust bar in the Lower Young’s will change this season as follows:

  • Supporters can still drink throughout the match, with certain restrictions. Five minutes after the start of each half of the match, access will be restricted to the bar via the door to the Con’s. Corner (Lower Young’s), and the door to the vomitory will become an emergency exit. This means that supporters can make a decision at this time whether they wish to be inside or out. The door will open again five minutes before half time.
  • The same procedure will apply to the Upper Findus, except that the closure will be ten minutes after the start and restart, and will be open ten minutes before half time.
  • Two members of security staff will be in the bar before and throughout the game. These new staff members will ensure things runs smoothly, and will build rapport with the supporters and bar staff, in order to make this procedure workable.
  • The opening times for this bar will remain the same – opening at 12pm for afternoon kick offs, and 6pm for evening kick offs.
  • Supporters from all stands will be allowed inside this bar until turnstiles open, and then will be transferred to the appropriate stand where they will be able to access separate bars.

This procedure will be subject to review by the Trust and the Club a few home games into the season, and we welcome any feedback during this trial period.

If you have any questions regarding this statement or the operation of the bars in general, please direct them to our Chairman, Terry Rudrum, at