Just a quick update on the status of operation promotion rewards delivery.

All local orders that have not been collected are now packed in post code area and are either with one of our volunteers for delivery or awaitiing a volunteer. To this end we could do with some help if anyone has any spare time to help delivery. Please e-mail us at enquiries@marinerstrust.co.uk

For people living outside the area we have been busy putting the parcels together and getting them posted and the vast majority are now complete. We expect to have them all posted by early next week.

We are also working our way through the new memberships although due to holidays and illness these are taking longer to process than we hoped. We have organised a real blitz on these next week and so please bear with us a short while longer.

Just when we can see the light at the end of the tunnel it looks like we will have have no rest as the we are expecting the Harry Haddocks to arrive the week after next !!

Thank you all for your patience and understanding

Up The Mariners

Mariners Trust Board