After the disappointment of Wembley, the attitude of Grimsby Town supporters has been nothing short of incredible. Instead of moping around and looking to blame someone (apart from the ref), everyone seems to have recognised the fantastic efforts of the players and in turn the players have nothing but praise for the fans.

There is now a unity between the club and the fans that has not been seen for many many years. In what is normally a quiet period for the Trust we have had a fantastic 150 new members/renewals in just 3 days as fans look to get behind the club. It is on the back of the this positivity that we have decided to launch #OperationPromotion which starts today.
The purpose of this is to run a series of initiatives designed to help the club as much as possible to push for that coveted automatic promotion place. Trying to raise more than the £30k that we are committed to will be a big part of that but it will also be about encouraging more people to buy season tickets and attend matches. The club have done their bit by holding prices and introducing the new 19-21 category so hopefully we can attract record numbers to buy season tickets and get #OperationPromotion off to a great start.

We have already met with Matt Dannatt at the Telegraph and he is totally behind the campaign and indeed has some ideas to throw into the mix. Also Lloyd Griffith is very supportive having joined the Trust last week and will be playing a big part in some of the events we have got planned.

We are kicking off next week with a very exciting scheme which will include some innovative ideas. We are just putting the finishing touches and waiting for approval on a couple of things  so please bear with us for another week or so, we can assure you it will be well worth it.

There are lots more ideas in the background some of which will be announced over the next few weeks and others that are less well developed which will take slightly longer.

The campaign will evolve and grow as the weeks go by and indeed we welcome ideas from anyone and so if you have something that you think may be of interest please e-mail

Together we can really make a difference and so lets keep the positivity going and encourage everyone to get behind #OperationPromotion!

Mariners Trust Board


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