The Mariners Trust are extremely disappointed to see the cost of tickets for the National League final. £40 for an adult ticket when Championship final tickets at Wembley started at £36 is a hard one to take for fans. When you consider the fact that there are no concessions at all in the upper tier and only available to under 16’s in the lower tier it makes it even harder – football cannot be for all with that pricing structure. How can it be when a family of four have the potential lay out of £132.99 and £171.96 if they go by coach £304.95 to find in a week and that’s without any food or drink and all during a harsh cost of living crisis? We’ve seen already, a number of fans despairing that they just cannot afford it, while others will use any means possible because not being there just isn’t an option to them after a previous season of no football at all.


We add to all of this the fact that the host stadium is in the capital during Jubilee weekend – not new information to any of us but a puzzling one all the same. Since the announcement of the London Stadium as a venue, the Trust have been in contact with the Football Supporters Association to understand the reason for the venue but sadly have been unable to obtain any answers.


Football without fans is nothing, so we are openly asking the National League to engage with us and help us understand the venue and subsequent pricing. Whether Grimsby Town are part of the National League or not next season, regular dialogue around decisions that impact and affect fans of member Clubs must happen in the future.