A guest blog and fans rally-cry from the Mighty Andy Carr

Many Mariners fans who made the trip to Burton on that fateful day when our league status became no more, would not have believed that 5 years on  we would still not have returned to the promised land.

It goes without saying, and it gets repeated many, many times, that a club the size of Grimsby, and with it’s stadium and fan base, should most certainly not be where we are today. However, we are where we are and the formula for our return to league status once again I believe maybe not far away. So what extra could be done on our, the fans, part to help even more than we already do?

Accusations have been thrown my way regarding wearing flowered coloured spectacles over the past few seasons and have I no problem with that and at times they have probably been correct, but other times very wide of the mark! However, I think it is so important for all fans to realise just how vital their support really is, and staying positive even when some weeks results may not be what we all want. I understand 100% why some fans still have a bitter taste in their mouth about the GTFC decline and until we get that overdue promotion back to the league, the taste will remain and with some get worse. but this bitterness will most certainly not help towards the one thing we all want more than anything!!!

It is important that fans remember that this squad and management team are not the reason why we find ourselves here in the first place and they are doing their up most to rectify this situation. Yes, it’s taking longer than we all expected. However, each year we have improved on the previous season and at present time we sit 5 points off  top spot in 4th, and its only October!!!! Could/should we be top already had certain points not been dropped??? Of course – if 3 of our many draws turned in to wins and there you go!!!! However, it doesn’t always work like that and irrelevant of how many we have drawn. won or lost, the fact is WE ARE in the mix at the right end of the table and closer to that top spot at this point in the season than any other season so far.

Now just imagine yourself as a player coming off after a defeat, or even a draw, and hearing booing and shouts of abuse being aimed towards you, your fellow players or management. How would that make you feel? Then imagine coming off and every fan in the ground giving shouts of encouragement regarding putting it behind you and moving on to the next game? The same goes for social media. What do you honestly think will help more? Some will say that they pay their money and have the right to voice their disapproval and  I wouldn’t disagree, but would it not be better served irrelevant of what you felt to simply bite your lip so to speak till the end of the season? It’s been noted before how hostile it can feel at Blundell Park over the last few seasons towards our own team, imagine if that was not there? Could that be the extra 5/10/20% needed for success? I don’t know, but what I do know is it certainly has not helped so far. So how great would it be to try this for the rest of the season?

I’m not asking you to agree with every decision Paul Hurst makes, or run around singing “hi ho silver lining” after a defeat!  I’m simply asking if remaining positive ALL the time be that little extra we need to boost the team? I know if I was a player, which I would appreciate more!


Andy “Mighty” Carr