Here at Trust Towers, a football fix has been obtained this summer, not via the Copa America (let’s face it, none of those players are joining GTFC this summer) or the European Under 21 championships (is it just me or is Gareth Southgate more a bank manager than a football manager?), but via the #FIFAWWC, which of course stands for the Women’s World Cup. Fortunately, despite the FIFA branding, it seemed to be a Sepp Blatter-free zone.

The WWC hit this household’s screens sporadically for a few summer weeks, ever since we stumbled over an England – France group game duel which including the unanswerable; ‘Daddy, why did the French lady just elbow the England one?’ from the same inquisitive child who asked ‘why have Barnet got a little boy in their team?’ (their 5ft 6ish baby-faced left-back). Anyway, for those of you who spent June studiously ignoring football (watching the men’s Under 21 team arguably qualifies as part of that), the England women appear to have a half-decent squad.  Unusually, they have performed at a major tournament.  I say unusually, not as just dig at all manner of England teams, but also at me being a jinx on tournament teams.

So this summer’s sports viewing, without too much world-class skill, saw endeavour and team spirit of the type which we praised the Mariners squad 14-15 for over the last few months.   I preferred watching the relatively settled women’s team, with a fixed spine of Houghton and Bassett, Chapman and Williams, and Bronze a contender for player of the tournament at right back, to viewing the ever-changing England team, which appears these days to consist of Joe Hart, Wayne Rooney, and any 9 to 20 others.  Often Fabian Delph and inexplicably Phil Jones or Chris Smalling, and seemingly new caps constantly. There’s a lot to be said for a settled national team methinks.


Anyway. before we move back to Mariners stuff; this FIFAWWC tournament had much by way of entertainment – penalties, a nail-biting semi-final, a 3rd place match against a national sporting foe in Germany etc. etc…. a thoroughly enjoyable spectacle, although it had lows as well as highs.  Just when penalties seemed inevitable against the Japanese, 119 mins into the game, England kinda knocked themselves out in an unfortunate moment reminiscent of Aswad and the Huddersfield FA cup tie.


In other ’round-up’ news, whilst the Trust blog has been quiet of late:

A so-far unbeaten pre-season –  including a Paul Hurst cameo at Brigg.

Some lovely season preview stuff at  –  including my Zlatan cameo dream……

And there is a new creation to plug called the Cod Pod, whereby a few exiled Mariners fans congregate and talk about Makofo, Mak-o-fo, and Mariners memories. If you fancy a listen, if is twitterable. Recommended. They have done 2 pods so far, though during the second they seemed obsessed with us not having a back-up ‘keeper;.  Nonsense, we actually have a World Cup goalie in our midst now…..


See you tonight;  #Operation Promotion – there’s a blog or two in there – well done all who have contributed! (It still aint too late; www.crowdfunder/gtfc)#utm

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