It was great news recently that the consultants engaged by NELC concluded their studies as to the benefits of building a new Community Stadium Complex in the Town and also deciding on a recommended location. It was also very encouraging that a lead developer has come forward with proposals for additional leisure facilities such as an ice rink as well as much needed affordable housing. Our position on this all along has been that whatever the recommendation we need to get behind the project and make it happen whilst at the same time having sympathy for any genuine concerns and striving for the best possible solutions. Other towns and cities have embraced such schemes and left us way behind. These clubs would include the likes Swansea City, Hull City, Chesterfield, Rotherham  and Doncaster Rovers, all of which have suffered financial difficulty and have then gone onto become self-sustained and have also gone onto achieve greater success.

Although recent developments are encouraging it is vital that local councillors understand how important this scheme is, not just for the football club but for the local economy overall. Not surprisingly the people with concerns are making their views very clear to local councillors and it is really important that councillors also get views from those in favour. To this end, we have set out below what we see as the major benefits of the project and we would encourage as many people as possible to write to councillors in support. By   Clicking here    all local councillor e-mail addresses have been programmed into an e-mail for your convenience. This group also contains contacts at the Grimsby Telegraph, Cleethorpes Chronical and Radio Humberside, as those with concerns are very active in these publications.

Community Stadium Complex benefits:

* Circa 350 much needed permanent jobs

* Approximately 500 jobs created during construction

* Total inward investment of circa £ 80m+

*  Fantastic new community leisure and educational facilities

* New stadium with vastly improved facilities compared to Blundell Park

* Much needed new income streams for NELC and GTFC

* Football Club becomes self sustainable and more competitive

* Expansion of sports and education trust which has proven health and social benefits

* Car parking and improved access

* Provision of new cycle and pedestrian walkways

* Provision of much needed affordable housing

The most common concern seems to be around traffic and access. There is no doubt that in general terms, NELC will need to have improved infrastructure around the Town as part of the long term vision and ultimately, the project will not pass the planning stage if the road solution is not suitable. Provision of park and ride and cycle/pedestrian access will both be a big help in reducing congestion and of course, matches take place at off peak times.

This is a fantastic opportunity for a major flagship development for the Town with huge social and economic benefits, whilst also securing the long term viability of GTFC. We need to make it happen.

Thanks for your support

Mariners Trust Board