Mariners Trust would like to wish all GTFC supporters a very Happy Christmas and New Year. 

It is a very frustrating time for everyone at the moment but we would ask that everyone get behind the players and helps them through this difficult patch. Recent performances have certainly deserved more reward than we have achieved. With regard to takeover speculation we would very much welcome investors who are going to take the club forward. We are as frustrated as anyone that despite positive vibes there has been little or no progress. We very much support the view of now establishing a deadline so that we can all be clear as to where we are . We also support, and have been party to, the concept of any interested parties making an initial investment rather than a complete takeover. As things stand there are too many unanswered questions from our point of view  to be comfortable with a takeover. The key motivation for anyone interested is clearly the wider development opportunities and we need to be sure that the football club would benefit as part of that and not be saddled with extra costs.   With regard to the manager situation along with everyone else we can see the improvements under Anthony and Ben and really hope that they can start producing the results they deserve. If the decision is made to go a different route then we will be involved through Jon and Dave and they will do their very best to help make the right appointment. As we know there are no guarantees or an exact formula for choosing a manager but one thing we will be really keen to assure is that the policy of developing from within is maintained.   

Keep the faith and Up the Mariners.
Mariners Trust Board