A Mariners Trust spokesman said:

“We have been informed by Stevenage FC that they will not be responding to our complaints made to them following the visit of Grimsby Town on 19 August.

“The Mariners Trust made a number of complaints regarding the conduct of Stevenage’s officials, including complaints from female supporters that stewards had asked them to reveal their bras and had checked the underwire. The story went viral with outraged supporters from across the UK contacting the Trust to show their support.

“In responding to the Trust’s complaint, Stevenage have said they have a policy of only corresponding with other football clubs and so won’t be contacting the Mariners Trust any further.

“They have instead contacted officials at Grimsby Town and asked them to keep the response confidential – and away from the supporters who complained.

“In their initial public response Stevenage FC stated they would ‘speak to relevant parties’ yet they haven’t spoken to a single supporter who has complained.

“The Mariners Trust is bitterly disappointed with the attitude of Stevenage FC, who have not taken the issues we raised seriously, continuing to treat Grimsby Town supporters with contempt.

“Aside from the EFL and Grimsby MP Melanie Onn, none of the other agencies we have contacted regarding these very serious allegations have even acknowledged receipt.

“We have more than 20 supporters, who aren’t necessarily known to each other, that have reported experiences which corroborate – indicating they they are a true picture of events. This makes it even more disappointing that we have not been allowed to see the response Stevenage FC have sent.

“We would urge people who were affected to come forward, however small they feel it may be. This can be done via Grimsby Town’s SLO – supporters@gtfc.co.uk – and the FSF – amanda.jacks@fsf.org.uk We thank the FSF for their continued support.

“The Mariners Trust does not believe this matter is closed and awaits with interest the findings of the EFL’s investigation.”