The away support at Bradford was absolutely amazing, and generally speaking the supporters were a credit to the club, but as often happens with very large followings there is a very small minority that ruin it for others. First of all, there were several instances of smoke bombs being thrown onto the pitch. As we have pointed out on many occasions this is not only illegal but also dangerous for fellow supporters particularly those with asthma or breathing difficulties. It is very likely the club will be warned and possibly fined for this behavior and this just directly takes away from the resources available to the manager. The last thing we want to do is be kill joys and stop enthusiastic support for the team but there are rules that need to be adhered to and there are consequences for both the club and individuals if these rules are broken.

There are also reports of some racial chanting on the day although at the time of writing there is no official report of this from either the police or stewards. Again we can only reiterate what we have previously stated in that we condemn any form of abuse, racial or otherwise, and we would recommend supporters who witness such behaviour report it to the nearest steward or  download the Kick It Out app and discreetly report it on there. Related to this we feel supporters need educating on what constitutes racial abuse as the club have been reported this season for chants making reference to the travelling community. Many supporters probably do not realise this is an offence, but it is, and we are speaking to the club about the best way of getting this message over to fans. We must emphasise the vast majority of our supporters are an absolute credit to themselves and the club, but we all need to keep trying to improve the behaviour of the very small minority who are letting the rest of us down.

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FSA factsheet on flares and smoke bombs: