Following the board appointments we are very keen to establish further two way
communication with supporters of the club. As a start we are organising a couple
of evenings over the coming weeks aimed at listening at gathering information

Firstly next Monday August 19th we will be having an open night in the Trust bar which will
be an informal night when anyone can come along have an chat, ask questions over
a drink or two and also enjoy the live football on TV.

Secondly on Wednesday 28th August we will be holding an ideas workshop starting at 6.30pm .
For this we need about 30-40 supporters who are willing to come along for a
couple of hours and take part in a workshop at which we will gather issues and
ideas and conclude with a priority list to take forward for discussion. Ideally
we need a good cross section of people for this in terms of age , gender etc and
it would also be ideal to have representation from the various supporter groups,
message boards etc  .

If you are interested in taking part please e
mail us at   If demand is sufficient we will run a furter workshop at a later date

Also we are very conscious that we have a good number
of exile supporters who would perhaps like to be involved in something like
this but cannot take part due to geography or indeed there will be some local people who have other
commitments. If that is the case we would very much like you to send through to
us one idea that in your view would make an improvement to the club . Please
keep this constructive and realistic . Please send and we
will then build them into the workshop process as part of arriving at the
priority list.

Up The Mariners

Mariners Trust Board