Justified Optimism or Blind Faith? A 2015-16 preview by Chris Parker (the one in the suit below!) Pre-season is the time when all football fans are allowed to dream, in fact it is a pre-requisite. Whatever went on last season, good or bad, followers up and down the country will all be thinking, perhaps this season?… Continue Reading Justified Optimism or Blind Faith?

As we join in the pre-day #1 excitement, our forthcoming pre-season build-up blogs will bring to you;   Chris Parker’s squad analysis (though he pines for a Livvo or a Lump) and also Chris’s betting tips (with compulsory disclaimer!)   A summer summary; Crowdfunder, Open Day, 9 of 9, links to keep us entertained and informed etc… Continue Reading Pre-Season Preview – 2015/16

Ok, it is time for another one of these to see where we are up to. We are hoping to keep it updated as pre-season progresses…….. Explanations; Sparse squad, more about gaps to fill at this stage. E.g. I’ve not bothered putting Gregor Robertson anywhere else but left back as we have no other left… Continue Reading The June 2015 GTFC Depth Chart

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