Hi all;  Below is a revised Depth Chart, following recent signings: (CAPITALS denotes starter, lower case denotes reserves. In order of likely preference.) It contains a fair amount of guesswork, then assumes injuries, suspensions, and asks: ‘what would Paul Hurst do?’   A couple of reasonable questions – who will start at Right Back? What strikeforce partnership? Which… Continue Reading The GTFC Depth Chart 2015-16 (early July version)

Ok, it is time for another one of these to see where we are up to. We are hoping to keep it updated as pre-season progresses…….. Explanations; Sparse squad, more about gaps to fill at this stage. E.g. I’ve not bothered putting Gregor Robertson anywhere else but left back as we have no other left… Continue Reading The June 2015 GTFC Depth Chart

It is an hour before the Dover kickoff, tonight is “The Game In Hand”. Tonight is my first new-Trust-website-blog.  So bear with me if you revisit or refresh this, and it has changed; I am playing with drafting, formatting, styles etc.  Anyway, a few things to mention. TEAM NEWS/LOANEES: No real team news except almost… Continue Reading A pre-Dover blog

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